Art as an Investment

Watercolour artist Roger SimpsonPaintings never go down in value and are one of the only things in the world that actually goes up.

Art as an InvestmentThere are few investments that can offer a good return plus a great deal of pleasure whilst you live with your investment. Think about it …….there are those investments that require us to hand over our hard-earned cash for stocks and shares which is rather akin to gambling.

Well, o.k., it may be a little more calculated than gambling but if the share market crashes what have you got to show for your investment? - Nothing. And have you had any pleasure from the money whilst it was tied up in those shares? - No. What about putting your money into a savings account? Well, we all know that “money in the bank” doesn’t carry the same weight it did a few years ago.

Nowadays wise people think twice about leaving money in the bank because it offers very little, if any, reward. So, what about buying a new car? Yes, that can give you pleasure, but we all know that the word that relates to cars is ‘depreciation’ not ‘appreciation’ - unless you are an enthusiast who collects the vintage variety.

Speaking of ‘vintage’, there is, of course, the investment in vintage wines. I can’t think of anything that offers less pleasure than gazing at an old bottle of wine that you are longing to taste but you know that once you open it your investment will literally go down the pan. Bricks and Mortar - now that’s got to be a safer bet. Well, I would have agreed with you until the property market took a dive.

Property is a very big investment that requires large sums of money and an ongoing commitment to fund its maintenance. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of investing in art. Looking for and choosing the right piece is very enjoyable. You can usually find something suitable within your budget. Having found the right piece it will enhance your home and give you infinite pleasure on a daily basis.

If you have bought wisely, and have been happy to live with your investment for a good number of years you will discover that your piece of art is worth considerably more than you paid for it. How very satisfying. The Guardian.

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