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Stories Roger SimpsonRoger had two paintings showing in the open exhibition at Bankfield Museum in Halifax and a lady called Nancy Birtewhistle bought one of his paintings. He later found out that the lady won Bake off in 2014 the popular food programme on the BBC. He emailed her to say thank you and this is her reply.....

Hi Roger - thanks for making contact.  Just to explain why I bought your painting.  We popped into the Bankfield Museum because we had been told they had information re the West Riding Regiment and the First World War.  My great grandfather (as many many others) had been killed during this time and I wanted to find out a bit more. 

The staff there were really helpful and it was a worthwhile visit.  However, when we arrived we also acknowledged the art exhibition and had a look around.  For me your paintings stood out amongst them all.

I have done a little painting and have never been able to capture movement and use of colour and light in the way that you can. You have that rare ability I think to make colour sing !!  I kept returning to the painting but then we had to leave. 

My husband and I chatted about it on the way home and he decided to research you on the internet. We couldn’t get the image out of our heads so we decided to go back and buy it.  It now hangs proudly in the hall and has been admired by many.  I have to say horses are not a subject for me particularly - it was the style and skill of the artist that influenced our purchase.  Brilliant - well done.

Here she is winning bake off in 2014


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