Wet in Wet painting
Wet in wet painting the basics.

Wet in wet paintingWet in wet painting means what it says painting wet colour into wet colour on the paper, so once you have put some colour onto your paper you mix another colour and paint into the colour already on the paperThe consistency of the colour what is already on the paper shouldn't be a runny water colour but a colour which is steadfast (Without runs) otherwise when you drop another colour into this it will run. What we want here is two colours that go into each other in a pleasing way on the paper and that you can see both colours in or next to each other. In the same vain we shouldn't paint wet watery colour into wet colour, when you bring some colour onto your mixing area of your palette, tip your palette up on its side, the mixture shouldn't run and this is the consistency of paint that we need.

So lets try this, bring some colour into your mixing area on your palette (It doesn't matter what colour) with a good consistency so it doesn't run off your palette when turned on its side and paint this onto your paper around 2" diameter. Mix a different colour in another well of the same consistency as your first colour and drop this into your colour on your paper. You should have a nice blend of two colours which melt into each other but which aren't runny but bleed into each other nicely.

I personally don't use wet in wet that much but on occasion I do when I feel I want to use it like in a person's hair or in a tree where two colours seem to merge, it is all trial and error and as said before nothing beats practice you learn so much but only if you want to learn.

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