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You need to do more videos , you are very good and informative. I like your style .

Love your colour and the fluid feel that really show through the beautiful watercolour characteristic.


I just discovered your beautiful paintings Roger....what paper do you like to paint on? All the best wishes from NZ


Thank you for sharing your process. It's fascinating watching your paintings come to life. I especially enjoy your animals and birds and am inspired to try some of your techniques for myself. Jessica

Love the way that's it really the only the front horse that's clear, all the rest are just shapes that suggest  horses, the whole painting just gives the impression of speed , excellent love your style


I very good impressionistic representation of a horse race. I love how those few, deft brushstrokes come together to form the whole.


I really like your style of painting. I wish I could paint like this. But if I threw a blob of paint off my brush, it would just look like a blob. You do it...work of art :) so I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work X

Roger you know I love your work. tell me, is your painting board very tilted, since you do have a great control on dripping...


Love your work, the fluidity of your work is amazing, Bravo...


Love your style, thank you for sharing..


It takes courage to paint like this. Technique of course, but courage even more so. Unbelievable.


Dear Mr. Simpson: I have been following you on YouTube and have tried to learn as much as I can from your videos. My name is Mayela Fonseca and I live in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. I painted a self portrait following what I have learned from you and submitted it to the Iowa Watercolour Society Fall Exhibition. This was a juried exhibition. The juror was the watercolourist Iain Stewart. To my surprise I won the Transparent Award. I want to thank you for inspiring me to be “more expressive” as you stated in your recent apple painting.


Wonderful, I Love your style Roger and I would love to be able to paint half as good one day, working hard on it.!!

I just would like to thank you for the videos on you tube.
I was in awe of your painting technique and loved the bird ones in particular, probably because I love nature and all it's creatures.
It would be wonderful to know the actual colours that you used on the HAWFINCH, it was truly beautiful and inspiring. Keep up your excellent videos please. You don't know how much they make me want to paint and give me food for thought in the process.
Wishing you well Roger.
Warm regards Lynn

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